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Indian Strawberry Lassi Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Lassi Yogurt Smoothie - All that's Jas

  Ready to expand your horizons and embark on a new culinary adventure but are hesitant of unfamiliar spices? Then this Indian strawberry lassi is the perfect recipe for you. This yogurt smoothie has a delicious twist on a familiar taste, one that is perfect for sampling a brand-new cuisine for the very first time. It’s mild and delicious but also refreshing, nutritious, and easy to make.     A traditional lassi is native to the Indian subcontinent and is a savory drink,…

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Moscow Mule – Three Ways

Georgia Mule | All that's Jas

This Moscow Mule – Three Ways is a guest post by David Brown     Great Summery Tastes of the Moscow Mule   It may not feel like it yet, but spring is here and summer is waiting just around the riverbend. New seasons mean a new flavor palette: the light, sweet flavors of spring and summer. And the one drink that seems to satisfy both those needs for me is the Moscow Mule, a sweet and mildly spicy storm of…

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Strawberry Affogato

Strawberry Affogato - wine & ice cream float | All that's Jas

This strawberry affogato is a grown-up version of the traditional Italian espresso and ice cream pour-over dessert. Affogato means "drowned" and while we love our gelato drowned in hot coffee, we love this adult combination even more.…

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French Sipping Chocolate Recipe

French Sipping Chocolate | All that's Jas

It's not a secret that French seriously know what they're doing when it comes to food and this sipping chocolate is no exception.  It's creamy, intense, rich, and most decadent hot chocolate that is absolute heaven for any chocolate lover and even those less inclined.…

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Festive Cake Batter Shots

Festive Cake Batter Shots | All that's Jas

Need a delicious cocktail for your holiday party? These festive cake batter shots rimmed with sprinkles are chock-full of holiday flavor and flare.   These cake batter shots easily convert from aperitif to after-dinner cocktails just by switching servings from shot to martini glasses. It’s a pretty fancy way to get drunk if you ask me. 😉 Match the color of sprinkles with any holiday or occasion and you have a festive cocktail year round.   Years ago, I made a small…

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Chilled Spiced Apple Beer Punch

Chilled Spiced Apple Beer Punch | All that's Jas

Are you looking for something new to spice up your fall holiday table or impress guests at your summer gathering? This insanely delicious, chilled spiced apple beer punch is a perfect choice because nothing says fall like apples and cinnamon. Easy and quick to make, this beverage offers comforting flavors and since it's served chilled it is also a great refreshment all year round.…

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Classic Greek Frappe

Classic Greek Frappe - iced coffee is made with only 3 ingredients | All that's Jas

There's nothing better than a cold beverage on a hot day. This seriously delicious and refreshing iced coffee will make you forget Starbucks this summer. Save big bucks by learning how to make a Greek Frappe at home. It takes only 3 ingredients and a couple of minutes to prepare! …

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St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini

St. Patrick's Day Martini - All that's Jas

This St. Patrick’s Day we have a way to enjoy a drink and still be festive! We bring you a St. Patrick’s Day Martini called Melontini. A Melontini is a great alternative to traditional drinks this Holiday.       St. Patrick’s Day Melon Flavored Martini – Melontini   St. Patrick’s Day is a nightmare for non-beer drinkers. I mean, maybe it’s not a nightmare, more of an inconvenience. You go out on St. Paddy’s Day and try ordering anything other…

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Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys

Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys - All that's Jas

Christmas spiced homemade Baileys is a perfect last-minute gift, quick to make but not quick to forget.     Christmas is the season of giving and there’s no better gift than something you made with love (and alcohol, ha). I’ve been gifting homemade Baileys for years, starting with a year that I totally forgot my co-workers and needed something easy, quick, inexpensive, and special.   The original recipe involved cooking of the pudding with rum. The best part is I could make…

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Italian Iced Tea Cocktail

Unwind after work with this aromatic cocktail, three-ingredient Italian iced tea.

  Italian Iced Tea I’m not a drinker, but what is better after a long hard day at work than a cold glass of iced tea? Italian iced tea that is. I like an occasional cocktail that is not too strong because I can’t hold my liquor. Even half a glass of wine makes my limbs like rubber. This cocktail is not too strong and is so simple to make with only three ingredients.   I can’t believe I was…

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Jellyfish Shot and a Cookbook

jellyfish shot & a cookbook - All that's Jas

This jellyfish shot looks like, well – a jellyfish, is fun to make and fun to drink. Learn how to make it with only four ingredients and be the star at your next cocktail party!   Jellyfish shot. The sound of that is not exactly appetizing and the images in my mind, before I actually knew what it was, were even less attractive. I know, I live under a rock and need to get out more often. But I gotta…

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Peach Sangria Bellini

Peach Sangria Bellini - All that's Jas

Peach Sangria Bellini Cold drink in my hand for three years of blogging! That couldn’t go unnoticed. I’m back just to mark my bloggiversary and share this simple, but sophisticated cocktail with you. Peach sangria Bellini is my new-found favorite. I went to some lengths to find the Monin peach syrup. I stepped into every liquor store in town to no avail. In the end, I ordered it online. Taking a break from blogging was a good decision, although, I…

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Mimosa - All that's Jas

  There is no better way to make any occasion special than to toast with a glass of bubbly, am I right? Now, I’m not a big fan of champagne and neither is my husband. But we still want to make celebrations special. With this mimosa, we can. What I love about this recipe is that it doesn’t use orange juice, like popular mimosas. Mimosa I was so excited to find this recipe for mimosa using orange sherbet instead of…

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Fresh Watermelon Mojito by Pink Recipe Box


My bloggy friend Nicola from Pink Recipe Box  just published her eBook, A Year of Cocktails! You don’t have to ask me twice to try out a cocktail. I drink them more often than I post about them (I’ve got to change that). With all the ingredients on hand, including the sage-looking mint from my garden, I made her Fresh Watermelon Mojito. Fresh Watermelon Mojito by Pink Recipe Box Nicola is a travel writer and food blogger who lives in…

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Lemon Lavender Martini

Lemon Lavender Martini If I had to pick one favorite drink (I’m not a big drinker, mind you) it would be a martini. Dry, dirty, shaken – you name it. It accommodates any of my moods and if I can’t decide, I let the bartender surprise me. The last surprise, and that’s an understatement, was this lemon lavender martini. The flavor is truly relaxing. You guys, it is so good you have to try it! Just be cautious, not every essential…

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Hot Toddy

  You will love this simple recipe for Irish Hot Toddy to warm you up and make you feel better.      Winter is still in full force here in Northern Indiana and the only good thing about winter is…well, nothing. I do love the first snowfall though; it gets me excited about everything the season brings except the fact that the season lasts 5-6 months.   If you’re lucky enough and don’t have to deal with harsh winters but…

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