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Estonian Honey Mustard Pork Roast

Delicious pork roast with honey mustard - horizontal

Looking for a holiday-worthy roast recipe that is simple to make? You will love this traditional Estonian Honey Mustard Pork Roast with garlic and rosemary that will be the star of your holiday dinner!…

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Mexican Guava Charlotte [Carlota] No-Bake Cake

A slice of Mexican no bake guava charlotte cake - horizontal

This Mexican Guava Charlotte [Carlota] Cake is an easy, five-ingredient, no-bake, creamy, delicious dessert, so perfect for celebrations. No wonder it's a Christmas staple in virtually all Mexican households. This easy cake is made with layers of Marias cookies and cream cheese/condensed milk/guava sauce filling flavored with lime juice, and topped with guava sauce. SO DELICIOUS!…

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Easy Polish Walnut Kiflies – Holiday Crescent Cookies

Easy Polish Walnut Kiflies - Holiday Crescent Cookies | All that's Jas

Who doesn't love traditional Christmas treat of Eastern Europe, the buttery Polish walnut kiflies, the delicate and addictive crescent cookies that melt-in-your-mouth? Are you drooling yet? We have an easy recipe that feeds the crowd and it’s the one Christmas cookie recipe every mom needs to have. …

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No-Bake Eggnog Gingersnap Cheesecake Cake

No-Bake Eggnog Gingersnap Cheesecake Cake | All that's Jas

If you love cheesecake and Christmas flavors, I guarantee that you will melt over this no-bake eggnog and gingerbread cheesecake cake (quite a long name, I know). Wow the crowd with this creamy, luscious and festive eggnog cheesecake. …

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German Cranberry Orange Cream Tart 

German Cranberry Orange Cream Tart with Easy Caramel Garnishes | All that's Jas

This German Cranberry Orange Cream Tart is an amazing and festive dessert to add to your holiday menu. Its fruity flavor is sweet, tangy, and bright, hugged by a delicious, rich crust. If you’re looking to switch things up from your regular cookies or pumpkin pie, then this tart is definitely for you.…

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Marzipan Gugelhupf with Candied Fruit

German Marzipan Gugelhupf (bundt cake) with Candied Fruit and Chocolate Glaze | All that's Jas

If you're a fan of old-world easy and delicious desserts, you will love this German bundt cake with almond paste, aka marzipan Gugelhupf! Add some candied fruit for color, and this spongy cake becomes a perfect addition to your holiday table. …

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Festive Cake Batter Shots

Festive Cake Batter Shots | All that's Jas

Need a delicious cocktail for your holiday party? These festive cake batter shots rimmed with sprinkles are chock-full of holiday flavor and flare.   These cake batter shots easily convert from aperitif to after-dinner cocktails just by switching servings from shot to martini glasses. It’s a pretty fancy way to get drunk if you ask me. 😉 Match the color of sprinkles with any holiday or occasion and you have a festive cocktail year round.   Years ago, I made a small…

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No-Bake Eggless Chocolate Salami

No-bake eggless chocolate salami | All that's Jas

This easy and fun treat made with chocolate, nuts, broken biscotti, and dried figs resembles salami and when sliced, it yields delectable cookies. No-bake eggless chocolate salami recipe is European's favorite Christmas and year-round snack. …

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