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Irish Lobster Mac and Cheese Pie

Grown-up mac and cheese with lobster is baked as individual servings.

This lobster mac and cheese pie, Irish-style, is absolutely to-die-for! It’s one of the dishes that you have to order when you see it on a menu. It’s the comfort food that calls your name and the one you can never resist.…

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Fillo Pastry Fish & Chips

Irish Fillo Pastry Fish and Chips | All that's Jas

This fillo pastry fish & chips recipe is off the charts, you guys! It's a better, lighter version of fish fry. It's like your pub's fish fry went to Paris and came back all sophisticated, dressed in delicate ruffles and lace, irresistible and delectable.…

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St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini

St. Patrick's Day Martini - All that's Jas

This St. Patrick’s Day we have a way to enjoy a drink and still be festive! We bring you a St. Patrick’s Day Martini called Melontini. A Melontini is a great alternative to traditional drinks this Holiday.       St. Patrick’s Day Melon Flavored Martini – Melontini   St. Patrick’s Day is a nightmare for non-beer drinkers. I mean, maybe it’s not a nightmare, more of an inconvenience. You go out on St. Paddy’s Day and try ordering anything other…

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Slow cooker beer-braised pot roast recipe

slow cooker beer braised pot roast recipe- All that's Jas

This slow cooker beer-braised pot roast recipe makes this dish the king of comfort food. Slow cooker beer-braised pot roast Last night was bitter cold and husband got called to investigate a fire, which took him a good four hours. He was barely back in bed when it was time go to work again, poor guy. One thing I can do to help him: When he is on call I cook more substantial meals like this beer-braised pot roast. Using…

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Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys

Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys - All that's Jas

Christmas spiced homemade Baileys is a perfect last-minute gift, quick to make but not quick to forget.     Christmas is the season of giving and there’s no better gift than something you made with love (and alcohol, ha). I’ve been gifting homemade Baileys for years, starting with a year that I totally forgot my co-workers and needed something easy, quick, inexpensive, and special.   The original recipe involved cooking of the pudding with rum. The best part is I could make…

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Hot Toddy

  You will love this simple recipe for Irish Hot Toddy to warm you up and make you feel better.      Winter is still in full force here in Northern Indiana and the only good thing about winter is…well, nothing. I do love the first snowfall though; it gets me excited about everything the season brings except the fact that the season lasts 5-6 months.   If you’re lucky enough and don’t have to deal with harsh winters but…

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