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101 Delicious Reasons to Own a Cast-Iron Skillet

101 delicious recipes for cast-iron skillet

Discover 100 delicious reasons to own a cast iron skillet that will make your mouth water! Easy main dishes, sides, desserts, and more! There are countless reasons that make possession of a cast-iron cookware an indispensable must. If you don't cook in a cast-iron skillet, are you really cooking?…

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55 Easy Party Food Recipe Ideas

55 easy party food recipe ideas | All that's Jas

Need party food ideas this football season? These 55 easy finger food recipes are the perfect solution for cheering your favorite football team on or celebrating holidays, birthdays or get-togethers for no reason at all.…

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Behind the Scenes at All that’s Jas

behind the scenes secrets

If you ever wondered how bloggers shoot their gorgeous images, wonder no more. Join me as I take you behind the scenes and reveal secrets behind All that's Jas food photography, plus give you a peek into five more blogs and the mystery behind their photos.…

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5 Delicious Spring Salads

light and refreshing spring salads, five must have salads, salads to serve in spring, salads for BBQ, potluck and cookout

Spring is playing “Now you see me, now you don’t” here in Northern Indiana and I hope next time we see it it’ll stay, because I’m ready. Eating salads when it’s cold out is not my THANG which, by the way, shows around my waist. Come spring and all I crave are delicious salads. I remember the first time salad was served before dinner in a restaurant. That was quite a revolutionary movement (and yes, I’m that old). Salads used…

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5 Favorite Easy Summer Desserts

5 favorite easy summer desserts - All that's Jas

Are you dreaming of summer? I’m over these cold temps! Winter was mild, but it seems to be catching up before it’s officially over. My favorite summer desserts usually do the trick when I get the winter blues. I have five go-to recipes because they’re so easy to make. Quick too, especially if you don’t have much spare time. Losing an hour to daylight saving time is a nightmare if you are busy. Yesterday was tough. Instead of being productive…

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Stay on Track: Healthy Eating Recipe Round-Up

STAY-ON-TRACK Healthy Eating Recipe Roundup - All that's Jas

How many of us installed new eating habits this New Year but fell off the wagon hard last night with some warm brownies and ice cream? The truth? It didn’t happen last night. It happened the first week in. So how do you stay on track? I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s difficult to stick closely to a low-calorie eating plan and sometimes we give in and eat too much. Those slip-ups are discouraging and make…

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25 Delicious Soup Recipe Round-Up

25 soup recipe round up - All that's Jas

 25 delicious, hearty, and nutritious soup recipes in one place. From creamy chicken noodle and spicy beef to mulligatawny, Paleo friendly soup. 25 Delicious Soup Recipe Round-Up Maybe you’re enjoying your summer right now, but in my neck of the woods is mid-winter and soup is often on the menu. My blogging buddies kindly shared their best soup recipes with me and I rounded them up for you, just in case there’s frost on your windows too. Whether you’re looking…

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7 things NOT to do for Thanksgiving and free printable

7 things NOT to do for Thanksgiving and free printable   Are you new to hosting Thanksgiving dinner and are stressed out? Is everyone, giving you countless tips on what you should do? Fear not, I’m not one of them. Instead, here are 7 things you should NOT do.     NO HAM There is a reason Thanksgiving is associated with turkey. Ask any pilgrim. Ever since they served four (wild) turkeys at the first Thanksgiving it has become a…

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