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South African Malva Pudding Mini Cakes

South African Malva Pudding Mini Cakes | All that's Jas

This classic South African dessert, malva pudding is spongy in texture, like a cake, sticky and absolutely irresistible. You'll love baking the malva pudding in a muffin pan not only because the mini cakes are just the right portions for individual servings but also because you won't have to worry about slicing the cake perfectly. …

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Sultana Yellow Rice with Turmeric & Curry

South Africa's Sultana Yellow Rice | All that's Jas

Need a side dish that complements just about any meal? This South Africa's rice gets its vibrant yellow color from turmeric and curry, and its sweet note from sultanas and brown sugar. It has a fragrant, wonderful aroma that is not overpowering and makes a great accompaniment to any meat or beans dish. …

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One-Pan Bobotie Casserole

One-pan bobotie casserole | All that's Jas

Tired of the same old ground beef recipes? Then you will love this bobotie casserole, a traditional South African dish, because you don't need a new skill to make it. Bursting with flavors, slightly sweetened with apricot jam and simple to prepare, the bobotie will quickly become your family's new favorite meal. …

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