33 Cozy Christmas Comfort Food Ideas & Tips for a Perfect Holiday Meal

33 Cozy Christmas Comfort Food Ideas & Tips for a Perfect Holiday Meal | All that's Jas

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Christmas is coming and with it the big question about the Christmas dinner. Are you still thinking about what you will be cooking this year? We got you covered! You will love our selection of cozy comfort Christmas food ideas from around the world plus our tips for a stress-free perfect holiday meal.


 You will love this selection of 33 cozy and comfort Christmas food ideas from around the world plus our tips for a stress-free and perfect holiday meal. | allthatsjas.com | #christmass #dinner #recipes #food #holidaymeals #cozy #comfortfood #cookingtheworld #worldcuisines #main #appetizer #side #allthatsjas


Tips for a Leisurely Christmas Dinner:


Maybe you already have an idea for the main course, but you do not know which starter might fit? Or you would like to spend more time on Christmas Eve with your family instead of in the kitchen? With our tips on recipes, planning, and preparation you can look forward to the big family reunion!


It’s the highlight on the holidays: the Christmas dinner. Whether classic with roast and dumplings, simply with a cold plate or sausage and potato salad, vegetarian with lots of vegetables or unusual – a delicious cozy Christmas dinner is part of the Christmas Eve. So that you can enjoy the feast with your loved ones in peace, you should note a few little things:


  • Think in advance how many guests you expect, what ingredients you need for your menu and how much time you want to spend in the kitchen. A 3 to 4-course meal is more elaborate than a cheese or a cold plate and the preparation takes longer.
  • Make it easier and choose dishes that are well prepared for your Christmas meal, so you do not have to spend all day in the kitchen.
  • So that you can also relax and enjoy your meal, choose a maximum of one course that must be finished to the point.
  • You should also note that some ingredients such as duck or geese must be ordered ahead of time. It’s best that you think about what you want to cook and what ingredients you need just three to four weeks before the holiday. Buy everything that is durable already a few weeks before the dinner. This makes cooking on Christmas Eve more relaxed.


More tips for the Christmas dinner:


Another question that arises when choosing the Christmas dinner: how adventurous do you dare to be? In general, we cook something that we already trust, so we don’t get stressed out. If your menu is a bit more complicated, it’s best to test the Christmas recipe you want before, so there’s no nasty surprise on Christmas Eve.


Do not forget the holiday drinks and Christmas table decoration – it all creates a festive atmosphere. The most important thing about Christmas dinner is that the family comes together and everyone is comfortable.




A menu consists of at least three courses: appetizer, main course, and dessert. For a 4-course meal, the entree usually follows a cold and a hot appetizer. But three courses are perfectly adequate for a family dinner – especially if there are children and the food is served before the presents are opened.


When composing a menu, it makes sense to first set the main course. Try to find something that tastes good to all guests. If a vegetarian is present, plan just one meat dish and a few vegetarian side dishes or offer another alternative.


The starter should not be too heavy, so the guests are not already full when the main course comes on the table. Before a hearty main course, a salad is ideal.


Creative Christmas dinner


When choosing your ingredients, you should pay attention to variety. If the main course is a meat dish, choose fish or something vegetarian for the appetizer.


As you know, we eat with our eyes first – so make sure that the dishes on your menu also differ in color. For example, if you serve a light cream soup as an appetizer, try the darker sauces for the main course. In addition, it is easy to set accents with starters and desserts: sprinkle pomegranate seeds on your salad, or garnish the dessert with mint or roasted nuts.


Although most vegetables are available around the year, use seasonal vegetables such as cabbage, root vegetables or leeks when putting together your Christmas meal and also prefer winter varieties such as chicory or arugula in salads.



You still need a hostess gift? Discover our delicious homemade Baileys, the cute snow globe German gingerbread cookie village, or no-bake chocolate salami.

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33 Cozy Christmas Comfort Food Ideas & Tips for a Perfect Holiday Meal | allthatsjas.com



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