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Spices 101


Do you love cooking, but want to explore more flavors and aromas? 


Maybe you want to start creating your own, unique recipes, 

and want to experiment more beyond just salt and pepper. 




Get your own Spices 101 copy for JUST $13

NOTE: This is a digital product and not a hard copy. 

Due to the nature of digital resources this product is not returnable after the purchase.

NOTE: This is a digital product and not a hard copy. 

Due to the nature of digital products this book is not returnable after the purchase.

What This Book Has To Offer

Specific flavors and aromas of many popular spices and herbs

How to properly store spices and herbs to prolong flavor

Health benefits and how to use spices and herbs for non-culinary purposes

Popular uses in different cultures

Move up to the next level of culinary expertise with Spices 101. 

Your inner master chef is calling!

A Book For All Home Cooks


Spices and herbs can be intimidating because they each have their own flavors, aromas, uses and benefits. 

Some look alike, some look completely foreign, and quite frankly, you have no idea what to do with some of them. 

It's important to find their balance and know which ones work well together and which can become overwhelming if misused in your recipes.   

Spice and Flavor
A woman preparing food in a bowl

A Book For All Levels


Looking to spice up your daily meals? Have no fear!  

Spices 101 guide will teach you everything you need to know about popular culinary spices and herbs so you can effectively use them in the kitchen and beyond.  

A woman sitting and smiling.

It's my mission to help you use spices and herbs with confidence. I love creating new dishes just by changing the way I season them. You can too!

Jas Brechtl

Why put off taking your cooking skills to the next level? 

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The book comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital and not a physical product!  Due to the nature of digital resources, this product is not refundable after the purchase. All sales are final. 

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