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Easy Classic Wiener Schnitzel

Easy classic Wiener schnitzel | All that's Jas

Craving a home-cooked meal with the same fancy taste you get at restaurants? This classic Wiener Schnitzel meets those requirements but without the high price tag. Better yet, it comes together quickly for a delicious, authentic Austrian meal your whole family will adore. …

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Bacon Bread Dumplings

When I get tired of potatoes, rice, and pasta but still want carbs, I throw some bread into the rotation. As in these bacon bread dumplings, because everything is better with bacon. If you don’t belong to the masses of bacon lovers (ahem, daughter) you can leave it out. They are good even without the bacon. Originating from Austrian, German, and Czech cuisine, dumplings spread throughout the Europe with variations. They can be made of ground liver (yuck), semolina (to…

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