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Thai Noodle Salad with Shrimp and Vegetables

Vertical shot of plated noodles with shrimp and vegetables.

Looking for an easy recipe for a delicious, satisfying salad that is also quick to make? You'll love this noodle salad with spicy shrimp and vegetables in a buttery garlic lime sauce. It's gluten-free, choked-full of Thai flavors, and done in about 20 minutes!…

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Watermelon Yogurt Summer Salad

Israeli Watermelon Yogurt Summer Salad | All that's Jas | #summer #salad #glutenfree #vegetarian #easy #fast #recipes #reicpeofthemonth #healthy #nutritios #potlucks #party #holidays

Need a guilt-free, low-maintenance salad that will help combat the summer heat? This Israeli watermelon yogurt salad has a refreshing quality that is sweet and savory. Its taste is as welcome at the breakfast table as it is at a backyard cookout.…

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Leftover Cheeseburger Salad

Leftover Cheeseburger Salad: A delicious recipe for a quick and easy salad using leftover hamburgers | All that's Jas | #BBQ # salad #leftover #cheeseburger #glutenfree #quick #easy #recipeofthemonth #grilling

Have an excess of cooked burgers after hosting your BBQ party? Turn them into family-friendly weeknight dinners like this leftover cheeseburger salad drizzled with homemade hamburger dressing and topped with crumbled chips. Not only is it quick and easy to make but absolutely delicious and light too. It's a perfect solution for lazy weekdays.…

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Lebanese Chickpea Salad with Smoky Tahini Dressing

Lebanese chickpea salad with smoky tahini dressing | All that's Jas

This Lebanese chickpea salad combines smoky tahini dressing with fresh vegetables and the Mediterranean spices for a unique flavor. This wholesome, gluten-free dish will not only satisfy your appetite but will introduce you to the tastes of Lebanese cuisine. Best of all, it is easily tossed together with simple ingredients readily available at your local grocery store.…

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Copycat Sizzle Pie Rabbits Salad

Copycat Sizzle Pie Rabbits Salad | All that's Jas

It's no secret that we LOVE to simplify meals around here while preserving the flavors. Believe it or not, this insanely delicious copycat Sizzle Pie Rabbits salad is already simple but will impress you with its flavor.…

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Sweet and Sour Apple Cabbage Salad

Sweet and Sour Apple Cabbage Salad | All that's Jas

Need an easy and healthy meal idea for your busy weekdays? This super delicious sweet and sour apple cabbage salad is made in 15 minutes, has a ton of flavor, crunch and uses fresh ingredients. Best of all, you can have a huge serving without the guilt because it is packed with fruit and veggies.…

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Amazing German Green Bean Salad

Amazing German Green Bean Salad | All that's Jas

Ever wish there was another, less boring way to prepare green beans? Well, there is. This amazing German salad is everything but boring. Fresh beans, tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs paired with a delicious dressing make this a must try! Best of all, it comes together in only 15 minutes.…

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Vegan Chickpea Salad

Quick and easy vegan chickpea salad | All that's Jas

Need a fresh summer meal that comes together quickly? This beautiful chickpea salad brings all the fresh flavors to your table. Fresh vegetables, herbs, and a light dressing make this gluten-free and vegan dish a must try! …

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The Best Greek-Style Quinoa Salad

The best Greek-style quinoa salad | All that's Jas

Summer means vacation, beach, and getting in shape. This insanely delicious quinoa salad is a healthy choice for getting in shape, and it tastes like you've been kissed by a Greek God. Easy to make and affordable, it's the best quinoa salad not just for summer but year round. …

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5 Delicious Spring Salads

light and refreshing spring salads, five must have salads, salads to serve in spring, salads for BBQ, potluck and cookout

Spring is playing “Now you see me, now you don’t” here in Northern Indiana and I hope next time we see it it’ll stay, because I’m ready. Eating salads when it’s cold out is not my THANG which, by the way, shows around my waist. Come spring and all I crave are delicious salads. I remember the first time salad was served before dinner in a restaurant. That was quite a revolutionary movement (and yes, I’m that old). Salads used…

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Quick and Easy Asian Zucchini Salad

quick and easy Asian zucchini salad - All that's Jas

Quick and Easy Asian Zucchini Salad   Zucchini is my husband’s new favorite vegetable to binge on. He had a green beans phase, then asparagus, and now it’s zucchini. I’m running out of ideas on how to make them. If they’re not roasted they’re stuffed with cheese. Oh, and they’re grilled in summer. This Asian salad scored multiple times: it’s quick and easy, my husband got his zucchini, and I used my spiralizer that was hiding somewhere in a drawer.…

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Seafood Rice Salad

Seafood Rice Salad - All that's Jas

Preview It’s BBQ and picnic season, YAY! I am tired of always bringing the same dish to cookouts no matter how good it is. I use Google Drive (not an affiliate) to sort the links of recipes that are not on my blog but couldn’t find anything exciting there either. Next, I looked into an almost forgotten old recipe binder and BINGO! I found Jörg’s seafood rice salad recipe that I brought with me from Germany 17 years ago. My…

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Boston Lettuce with Beef and Eggs

Boston Lettuce with Beef and Eggs

The rain is making my bed so inviting that it took supernatural strength to leave its cozy sheets this morning. As I was driving to work I couldn’t stop yawning and the only way I to tackle this gloomy day was to pretend I was driving through Europe. It’s been almost a year since our European tour and, as often happens in May, it rained a lot. Strangely enough, it only rained during our commute from one city/country to another…

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Sweet Potato Spring Salad

Sweet Potato Spring Salad-All that's Jas

Sweet Potato Spring Salad Can you believe I used to dislike hate sweet potatoes? Now they are my first choice! I like them best roasted with herbs, like in this sweet potato spring salad recipe. I found many variations to this recipe, all of them really good but with wintry feel like this one. To make it more refreshing, I changed few ingredients and added fresh strawberries. They also add to the gorgeous color palette of this salad, don’t you…

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Cauliflower Salad: Low-Carb Mock Potato Salad

Cauliflower Salad | All that's Jas

If you're following paleo or keto diet, you will love this cauliflower salad because you'll get the same flavor of your favorite potato salad minus the carbs.  It is perfect for summer barbecues or winter slim-downs. I am a big fan! Cauliflower soaks up the flavor of the dressing really well because of all its creases and crevices. The whole family will love this easy-to-follow cauliflower salad recipe.…

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Italian Tuna Ravioli Salad

Tuna Ravioli Salad

  This tuna ravioli salad is light and perfect to bring to potlucks and backyard parties. It also makes a great lunch or quick weeknight dinner.   Traditionally, salad is a side dish containing leafy vegetables and accompanying the main course. We all know that. But for some centuries now, the salad has been taking the front stage and served as the main course.   Such is this tuna ravioli salad. Still under the impression of my European vacation, although it’s…

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Bosnian Country Style Cheese Salad (Siriluk)

Bosnian Country-style Cheese Salad -Siriluk | All that's Jas

Creamy Bosnian-style country salad (siriluk) is made with fresh cheese and green onions. It’s a great accompaniment to BBQ or any kind of meat.   Howdy there! I am homesick and I miss summer today so I made this cheese salad to boost my mood. This salad accompanies all barbecues and picnics in Bosnia. It has been a loyal member of traditional table spreads for ages. Originally, fresh farmer’s cheese is used for this recipe mixed with sour cream to…

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