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Potato-Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers

Bell pepper stuffed with potatoes.

Want a budget-friendly, fuss-free meal for Meatless Mondays? Then this easy recipe is for you! Sweet bell peppers are stuffed with potatoes and roasted to perfection. You won't be able to resist the divine aroma of this dish wafting through your home.…

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Easy Creamy Stinging Nettle Recipe

horizontal photo of creamy stinging nettle side dish.

You will love this simple creamy side dish of stinging nettle. It is a delicious and quick way to add vitamins, minerals, and protein to your diet. Cooked then sautéed in butter with garlic, nutmeg, and sour cream/milk mixture, this Balkan-style dish is easy and quick. Best of all, it is nutritious and delicious! …

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Serbian Baked Sauerkraut

Serbian Baked Sauerkraut - Podvarak | All that's Jas

Need a hearty, feel-good, warming meal to help you beat the cold weather blues? This Serbian baked sauerkraut dish (aka podvarak) with smoked turkey legs is simple, nourishing, and delicious comfort food.…

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6 Ingredient No Bake Sand Cake

6 ingredient no bake sand cake | All that's Jas

Ready for a brand new dessert recipe that whips up fast? This three layer no-bake sand cake is a perfect solution for busy days. Not only is it absolutely delicious, it requires just six easy ingredients. It is super quick to make and best of all, tastes like a vacation.…

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Wheat Pudding

Wheat Pudding - All that's Jas

Wheat Pudding I was made fun of for meeting everyone I wanted to see at the same place. This was during my last trip home when I was reconnecting with old friends and family. The said meeting place of my choice was the Palace Hotel downtown. Why in a hotel? The café on hotel’s first floor is famous for their cakes and pastries. Of course, I frequently posted photos on my Facebook page of all the goodies I had there.…

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Bread Soufflé – Frittata with Stale Bread

Bread Soufflé - Frittata with Stale Bread | All that's Jas

This traditional Balkan way of transforming old bread into succulent eating is a poor man's dish to some and a taste of childhood to others. This bread soufflé or frittata with stale bread was made by our grandmas in the simplest way possible, using the cheapest and most available ingredients. However, just tossing in a few spices and cheese transforms it from a simple to a spectacular dish.…

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