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Cuban Mini Guava Cheesecakes

Cuban Mini Guava Cheesecakes | All that's Jas

Looking for easy-to-make sweet treats for your next summer party? These CUBAN GUAVA MINI CHEESECAKES are just what you need. Tropical-flavored, rich, and smooth they will make your taste buds want to come back for more. Best of all, they are no bake! …

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Fillo Doughnuts

Peanut Butter and Jelly Fillo Doughnuts - Fillonuts | All that's Jas

Ever wish there was a healthier doughnut option that you can easily make at home? Then this revolutionary new recipe is for you! Made with fillo (phyllo) pastry and baked rather than fried, these fillonuts are not only healthier but made in a fraction of the time that it would take for the traditional donuts or even popular cronuts that require days to create.…

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Indian Strawberry Lassi Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Lassi Yogurt Smoothie - All that's Jas

  Ready to expand your horizons and embark on a new culinary adventure but are hesitant of unfamiliar spices? Then this Indian strawberry lassi is the perfect recipe for you. This yogurt smoothie has a delicious twist on a familiar taste, one that is perfect for sampling a brand-new cuisine for the very first time. It’s mild and delicious but also refreshing, nutritious, and easy to make.     A traditional lassi is native to the Indian subcontinent and is a savory drink,…

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Spanish Strawberry Gazpacho

Spanish Strawberry Gazpacho | All that's Jas

Now that our temps are on the rise, we are looking for quick and easy recipes that don't require turning on the stove. This Spanish gazpacho with strawberries, tomatoes, and red peppers fits the bill.  It's not only incredibly easy to make, it is refreshing and absolutely delicious. The hint of sweetness from strawberries provides the perfect finishing touch to this chilled soup. It tastes like the summer in the Mediterranean.…

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Strawberry Affogato

Strawberry Affogato - wine & ice cream float | All that's Jas

This strawberry affogato is a grown-up version of the traditional Italian espresso and ice cream pour-over dessert. Affogato means "drowned" and while we love our gelato drowned in hot coffee, we love this adult combination even more.…

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Fillo Cherry Blossoms

Fillo Cherry Blossoms | All that's Jas

For someone who was intimidated by fillo for over four decades, I'm a pretty big fan of discovering and inventing new ways to use it. Today's result - these delicious Fillo Cherry Blossoms. They combine simple ingredients and the flavor is subtle, but they are anything but wallflowers.…

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French Sipping Chocolate Recipe

French Sipping Chocolate | All that's Jas

It's not a secret that French seriously know what they're doing when it comes to food and this sipping chocolate is no exception.  It's creamy, intense, rich, and most decadent hot chocolate that is absolute heaven for any chocolate lover and even those less inclined.…

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Easy Cheesy Mushroom Pork Chops Recipe

Easy cheesy mushroom pork chops recipe | All that's Jas

Need a quick and easy, delicious dinner for midweek or weekend date meal? This easy cheesy mushroom pork chops recipe is made quickly and with only a handful of fresh ingredients. The perfect solution for a weeknight dinner your whole family will love.…

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Rare Cheesecake for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day rare cheesecake - All that's Jas

Easy-make, no-bake Japanese style rare cheesecake is like eating a fluffy cloud, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Rare Cheesecake for Valentine’s Day I’ve never been to Asia, but after trying (and loving) two types of Japanese cheesecakes, I’m ready to visit. You know my obsession with cheesecakes. Have you ever heard of rare cheesecake? When I first saw it I thought it was either a typo or the cake was made with some rare ingredient. So, what is a rare cheesecake?…

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Chocolate Lemon Naked Cake

This decadent naked chocolate and lemon cake is showing off all its delicious layers.   I have mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. It’s a good excuse to gang up on your loved one with all the cheesy and mushy stuff because they can’t object. It’s a great reminder for us older folks that romance isn’t, and shouldn’t be, dead.   On the other hand, I feel it’s forced. I thought I’ll throw it out there in case you care about my…

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Egg in a Basket – Two Ways

Egg in a Basket (two ways) This almost ended up being the egg in the wastebasket. Instead of taking enough time to prepare this lovely breakfast I rushed and used a shortcut. The eggs didn’t cook fast enough (and I haaaate runny eggs) so I thought to broil them just for a sec. Then I got distracted for a second (which happens often at my age) and my bread got burned. Gah! Hate when that happens. I wish I had…

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Threesome Cake

Threesome Cake – A Three-Layer Cake I finally gave my husband a threesome for his birthday. Get your mind out of the gutter; it was a three-layer birthday cake! Shame on you, ha! This threesome cake is luscious melt-in-your-mouth moist, soft, silky, creamy, fluffy, and sweet. I’m betting those are the key words that every guy would use to describe his threesome fantasy and although my guy never asked for it I decided to make him a cake worth its name.…

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