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Potato-Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers

Bell pepper stuffed with potatoes.

Want a budget-friendly, fuss-free meal for Meatless Mondays? Then this easy recipe is for you! Sweet bell peppers are stuffed with potatoes and roasted to perfection. You won't be able to resist the divine aroma of this dish wafting through your home.…

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Easy Creamy Stinging Nettle Recipe

horizontal photo of creamy stinging nettle side dish.

You will love this simple creamy side dish of stinging nettle. It is a delicious and quick way to add vitamins, minerals, and protein to your diet. Cooked then sautéed in butter with garlic, nutmeg, and sour cream/milk mixture, this Balkan-style dish is easy and quick. Best of all, it is nutritious and delicious! …

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Croatian Easy Eggless Apple Cake

Croatian Easy Eggless Apple Cake | All that's Jas

Put away your mixer because you won't need it for this easy Croatian eggless semolina apple cake! It's the easiest cake you'll ever make and it's magic! How? You don't mix dry ingredients with anything: no eggs, milk or oil, yet the cake still comes out perfectly baked and moist. Pure magic!…

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5 Ingredient Mediterranean Feta Mac and Cheese

5 Ingredient Mediterranean Feta Mac and Cheese | All that's Jas

This 5 ingredient Mediterranean feta mac and cheese is the perfect solution for when you crave a fresh twist on the old classic. It’s simple, light, delicious and satisfying on its own, but it is also great served with chicken, pork or steak for a meal your whole family will love!…

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Breakfast Casserole with Ham and Bacon

Breakfast casserole with ham and bacon | All that's Jas

If you like planning ahead then you will love this Croatian breakfast casserole. Traditionally served on Easter Sunday, this dish combines leftover or fresh bread, ham, and bacon. They are mixed with eggs and baked to a golden perfection. Best of all, it can be prepared the night before thus being perfect for taking the stress out of a holiday morning.…

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No-Bake Eggless Chocolate Salami

No-bake eggless chocolate salami | All that's Jas

This easy and fun treat made with chocolate, nuts, broken biscotti, and dried figs resembles salami and when sliced, it yields delectable cookies. No-bake eggless chocolate salami recipe is European's favorite Christmas and year-round snack. …

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Swiss Chard and Potatoes – Croatian Blitva Recipe

Swiss Chard and Potatoes - Croatian Blitva Recipe | All that's Jas

Ready for another super easy side dish that your whole family will love? This beautiful Swiss chard (blitva) and potatoes Mediterranean dish is found on almost every menu along the Croatian coastline and islands of the Adriatic Sea. Best of all, it comes together quickly with just a few ingredients.…

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Fun and Easy Mushroom Shortbread Cookies

cookies shaped like mushrooms

Sometimes we need to bring extraordinary to our lives. These fun and easy mushroom-shaped shortbread cookies will do just that without a risk. The best part about food is making people and these sweet button mushrooms will definitely put a smile on everyone's face.…

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Acorn Cookies

Acorn Cookies - All that's Jas

Looking for an autumn-themed cookie recipe? You will love the softness and flavor of these Acorn Cookies.   One annoying thing about me is that when I want something, I want it now. In my young age, whenever mom told me we’re going clothes shopping the following weekend, I annoyed her until she gave in and we went shopping that same day.   It’s to no surprise then that I had to bake both acorn and hedgehog cookies on the same…

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Boston Lettuce with Beef and Eggs

Boston Lettuce with Beef and Eggs

The rain is making my bed so inviting that it took supernatural strength to leave its cozy sheets this morning. As I was driving to work I couldn’t stop yawning and the only way I to tackle this gloomy day was to pretend I was driving through Europe. It’s been almost a year since our European tour and, as often happens in May, it rained a lot. Strangely enough, it only rained during our commute from one city/country to another…

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Threesome Cake

Threesome Cake – A Three-Layer Cake I finally gave my husband a threesome for his birthday. Get your mind out of the gutter; it was a three-layer birthday cake! Shame on you, ha! This threesome cake is luscious melt-in-your-mouth moist, soft, silky, creamy, fluffy, and sweet. I’m betting those are the key words that every guy would use to describe his threesome fantasy and although my guy never asked for it I decided to make him a cake worth its name.…

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